Jay has been playing some sort of musical instrument most of his life.  From the moment he arrived on this planet  until the early 60’s he was listening and learning to play to classical, swing jazz and folk music.   Starting with piano at  age 6 he added saxophone and clarinet at age 10.  At 13 was bitten by the Rock and Roll R & B and Blues bugs.   One of the results of this was he learned to play electric bass at 14 and guitar at 16.  After a few years of playing rock and blues for a living he switched careers and became a bush pilot but continued with classical guitar studies.  In 2003 he retired from business life and returned to music.   He recently took his Diploma in Jazz Performance at VCM.

Swingsation – Gypsy Jazz and Hot Swing with a dash of Latin   www.swingsation.ca

Guitar and Band Leader   Jay was introduced to swing jazz and Django’s music very early on in his musical life. He still has an abiding love for this style of music.  Joined by vocalist Lauren Marshall, violinist Robert Dukarm and bassist Aron Bird this quartet delivers a polished, exciting and highly danceable performace.

Out of the Woods – Blues/Funk/Fusion/Gospel/R & B

Saxophones/guitars/arangements    A few years ago he linked up with vocalist Heidi Woods and together along with a variety of other top level musicians they have explored the songs and genres they love.

Soul Source – 18 piece R & B band led by Nick LaRiviere

Lead alto